Transportation Policy

Sound advice you can count on

National Policy and Trends

Tom Warne and John Njord are known in the industry for their uncanny sense of national policy and trends. Their years of experience working around the country and in Washington, DC have given them insights that clients find extremely valuable as they make critical decisions for their firms or organizations. While their understanding of national policy and future trends is important they also have an ability to translate that information into meaningful and actionable decisions for their clients. Tom Warne and John Njord will help you interpret and act upon national policies in this most challenging time for our industry. With reauthorization in play and other federal funding activities going on, now is the time to tap into their knowledge and expertise to ensure your organization is positioned to be successful in the years to come.

State Policy and Trends

Tom Warne and John Njord are practitioners. They know the transportation industry inside and out and have spent many years at the executive level at two state departments of transportation. They have “real-life” experience developing, advancing, and implementing policies at the state level. They understand the nuances that can spell success or failure of policies and they have worked for or interacted with every state DOTs in the last 20 years so they understand how policies function throughout their world. Tom and John understand and will help you leverage state policies for your benefit. There has never been a more important time for states in their quest for funding and a large portion of the solution will lie in the answers that are developed at the state level.