Transportation Policy

Sound advice you can count on


Tom Warne knows policy. He understands what it means to make policy decisions because he is aggressively engaged throughout the country in gathering information, understanding subtle trends and understanding market forces to help his clients make business decisions that increase their profits.

Some ways he can help your organization succeed are:

  • Understanding the subtle and complex issues that surround virtually every major policy discussion and decision
  • Analyzing how policies can impact various stakeholders and interest groups
  • Providing national insights from his experiences with other entities
  • Knowing which markets not to go into is as important as where to focus your efforts

Why use Tom Warne to help with transportation policy issues?

  • He has 30 years of experience in the transportation industry
  • He knows policy because he has spent many years developing, promoting and implementing some of the most complex policy issues in transportation
  • His executive level experience has given him policy insights that can only be gained as a “hands-on” practitioner
  • He has a political savvy, a sixth sense when it comes to policy issues
  • His experience spans the full spectrum of state and national issues