Project Delivery

The right solutions for your success

Resolving Strategic Issues

Tom Warne and John Njord bring unparalleled public and private sector experience to the your most challenging policy, finance, project delivery or public involvement issues. Whether the need is to navigate a delicate political matter, a complex project delivery problem or address public agency/stakeholder issues, they have the hands on executive level experience to navigate even the thorniest path and find solutions.

Design Build

Tom Warne is nationally acclaimed as one of the pioneers of design build having delivered the $1.32 billion I-15 Reconstruction Project in 4.5 years. John Njord led UDOT through many successful design-build projects including the recently completed I-15 CORE Project that is a model for all such projects in the country. Since then they have assisted public and private organizations complete billions of dollars of other design build projects. Large and small, these projects demonstrate a pattern of successful delivery that reflects the innovation and strategic thinking of the industry’s experts. That said, if design build isn’t the right tool, Tom Warne and John Njord have experience with other delivery methods to find the right solution for every project.

Innovative Project Delivery

The days where one size fits all for project delivery are gone. Tailoring the tools, whether design build, CMGC, CM at Risk or any of a variety of other methods to specific projects is the key to success. The right delivery method, applied with experience and know how, can determine if a project is a winner or not. Tom’s national experience in establishing TRB’s Task Force on Design Build and subsequently their Project Methods Delivery Committee makes him the ideal choice for those who seek advice and assistance with their project delivery needs. John’s extensive experience with design-build, coupled with his leadership in adopting CMGC make him an ideal resource for implementing these innovative tools.

Expert Panels

Time and time again agencies have turned to Tom Warne and John Njord to form and chair expert panels to bring objective insights and advice on some of the most complex technical and procedural issues facing the industry. From the Woodrow Wilson Bridge to the Hood Canal Floating Bridge to the San Francisco Oakland Bay Bridge, Tom Warne has led industry experts in the analysis of project problems that have saved numerous agencies hundreds of millions of dollars. Sought for because of their objectivity and experience, Tom Warne and John Njord are the number one choice when organizations need their most complex problems solved.