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Sample Team Evaluation Outputs

Team evaluations are performed on a monthly or quarterly basis. Inputs are gathered through the use of an Internet based tool developed by Tom Warne and Associates. Completion of the survey takes approximately five minutes. The table below reflects the kind of narrative inputs received. Following the narrative table are sample graphs that reflect the way data can be represented from the team evaluation. ENVIRONMENTAL COMPLIANCE-We will meet the environmental objectives of this project by working proactively with the affected regulatory agencies.

Sample Narrative Comments from a Team Evaluation

Name: Dick    Score: 3
Comment: There have been difficulties in getting the subcontractor to understand the urgency of keeping up with installation of erosion control measures. This appears to now be corrected with the exception of a few minor items and the subcontractor now understands his obligations and has obtained the resources to perform as needed.

Name: Doug    Score: 4
Comment: Still doing better than the average - especially appreciate the commitment to "get it done” during the winter, to be ready for the spring.

Name: Jeremy    Score: 2
Comment: Failure to address Erosion Control deficiencies during the past month will likely cause some big problems in the Spring.

Name: Luke    Score: n/a
Comment: Unsure of status of erosion protection. However, while on vacation, I saw a newspaper article discussing the $215,000 fine paid by contractors on the T-REX project in Denver for not conforming with erosion control requirements on that job. So, it seems there is good reason to be concerned about any non-conformances in this area.

Name: Jeff    Score: 2
Comment: Lots of disturbed areas left unprotected from spring run-off.

Name: Timothy    Score: 2
Comment: Erosion control problems have not been addressed.

Sample Graphical Representation of Data from a Team Evaluation