Market Analysis

A credible look at clients and the future

Market Research

Tom Warne is known in the industry for his insights and knowledge about market trends and the future. He brings unparalleled experience to the analysis of specific markets and potential clients such that business development decisions and marketing efforts can be focused on profitable outcomes. His connections to all sectors of the transportation community give him inroads to information without equal in the transportation world. Bringing Tom Warne into your analysis of the markets will pay dividends through greater profits for many years to come.

Product/Service Analysis

Tom Warne knows the industry and is the right person to help firms assess the opportunities and pitfalls of launching new products or services to specific clients, to regions or to the transportation community at-large. His ability to help firms avoid missteps in their product or service rollouts or expansions nets them greater revenues and allows valuable resources to be focused where profits can be maximized.

Client Specific Issues and Interventions

In the end, marketing and business development is about individual clients. It’s just a fact of life. That being the case, Tom Warne has the ability to assist firms with specific client issues that may be preventing a successful and profitable relationship or which may further enhance a good association. These engagements take on many forms including understanding the “real client issues,” adding independence and credibility to the client relationship or helping firms understand subtle client issues that impede long-term value.