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Tom’s Farewell Editorial, John Njord’s Intro

Editors Note – A few months ago I shared with all of you that my wife, Renae, and I have been called on an LDS mission to serve in Rancagua Chile for three years and supervise the missionary work of about 300 young Mormon missionaries there. Subsequently I also announced that John Njord had come on board at Tom Warne and Associates to take over our ongoing client work and to continue the business I started 12 years ago. The transition has been smooth given John’s amazing national reputation and many years of credible service in our industry. Our clients have confidence in him, as he brings great value to our continuing engagements. John will be a great asset to our future clients and I urge you to call him with your needs, or email

We are excited to head off to Rancagua in a couple of weeks and so this is the last issue of The Tom Warne Report that I will offer edits on for a few years. John will take over starting this week. I know you will benefit from his insights as he shares his thoughts with you as I have. Jeanette Christiansen will continue doing the research and writing as she has so proficiently done for many years.

For those that want to stay in touch while we are in Chile, this can be done in one of several ways. My current email address ( will still work and I will check it periodically. The email address that will go directly to me and which I will use every day for church business as well as for my personal email is That will be the best one to use while we are gone. Feel free to email me there. In addition, many of our friends have expressed an interest in a blog that we will be doing. It can be found at It will be up and running by July 1st.

We wish all of you the very best in our absence. Thank you all for your expressions of support for our service in Chile. It means a lot. The projects we do are great and exciting but it’s our friends in the industry that make this a great profession.

Warmest Regards,