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NH DOT Head Seeks Toll Increase

New Hampshire Union Leader – February 14, 2012

CONCORD – The New Hampshire Department of Transportation Commissioner is proposing a toll increase for later this year to help pay for projects such as widening I-93. In a meeting to review the state’s 10-year Transportation Plan, Commissioner Christopher Clement told a legislative committee this week that revenue is short $1.33 billion.

“If we don’t change the paradigm of investment, we will have huge numbers,” Clement said.

Clement said one way to find more revenue for “unfunded needs” is a toll hike. The I-93 widening from Exit 3 to Manchester needs an additional $250 million to complete, in addition to the $90 million needed to widen the interstate from Bow to Concord. The transportation chief said he plans to request the toll increase from the governor and Executive Council for a toll increase in the fall.

DOT officials said that in addition to the toll hike, the state needs to increase the gas tax and reinstate the $30 registration surcharge that was repealed last year. The Tom Warne Report